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Our Concussion Treatment via Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT)

Concussions have become epidemic in society and concussion rates continue to rise from year to year. Although rest is important, it doesn’t always relieve a patient from life-long symptoms such as migraines, cognitive disorders, emotional disturbances, memory loss, or even seizures.

What is Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT)?

CMT (Cranial Movement Therapy) is a novel and innovative therapy that repairs the damage from neuro-traumatic injury at the source of the injury with a safe, non-invasive and efficacious technique that restores and optimizes cranial bone function and glymphatic system efficiency utilizing an intensive therapy which yields results in under a week in most cases.

When a concussion occurs, the cranial bone movement is altered, diminishing brain function and causing lasting symptoms.

CMT restores the normal “intrinsic” movement of the cranial bones, which is altered after a concussion, or several smaller blows to the head.  When a person experiences physical trauma to the head, this normal movement is altered, which has a direct effect on brain function.  Aberrant cranial bone movement causes symptoms such as headaches, reading issues, memory problems, anxieties, depressions, sleep disturbances, balance issues, coordination issues.

Why is CMT Treatment Necessary after Suffering a Concussion or Head Injury?

After a concussion, brain function will continue to deteriorate over time and the symptoms that an individual is experiencing may never fully resolve. More currently, research has revealed that the damage from a concussion is far greater than traditionally thought.  Some of the acute symptoms may resolve initially; however, the more detrimental issues can remain over a longer period of time.

Why? When a person suffers a head injury, the cranial bone movement is compromised, which inhibits the functionality of the glymphatic system.  One of the functions of cranial bone movement is the “pumping” of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which transports metabolic waste products such as tau proteins and beta-amyloid proteins so the glymphatic system can remove the waste from the CSF. Tau proteins are found in CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), which in an overabundance causes brain damage. Beta-amyloid proteins are the waste products that are abundantly found in dementia.  The role of the glymphatic system is critical in brain health and the restoration of damage from brain trauma such as concussion.

When a person receives CMT, the glymphatic system function stabilizes, allowing the brain to heal and return to its pre-concussion condition.

What Differentiates CMT?

CMT: Treats The Source

CMT was built on the theories expounded by Dr. Cyriax, widely thought of as the father of Orthopaedic Medicine.  He stated that every problem has a source, and in order to help the problem, treatment must reach the source.  Keeping that in mind, CMT directly assesses and treats the injured areas of concussion, the cranial bones, the brain, and associated structures.

With this novel and highly developed treatment, CMT is resolving post-concussion symptoms and providing treatment outcomes for patients that other concussion interventions are unable to directly address.  CMT restores the functional integrity of the cranial bones which promotes increased blow flow to the brain, stabilizes cerebrospinal fluid flow, increases the functionality of eye muscles, and stabilizes abnormal pressures on the brain.  These rehabilitative procedures create the optimal environment which promotes the healing of the brain tissue.

CMT: Intensive Rehabilitative Therapy

In addition to employing CMT which is a safe, non-invasive, and efficacious technique to rehabilitate concussion patients, Simkovich Concussion Institute utilizes an “Intensive Treatment Protocol” which accelerates the recovery process for the patient.

The Intensive Treatment Protocol stimulates healing to begin the first treatment week.  Results are often seen the first day, and healing continues for several weeks after the treatments are concluded.

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“I never had a known concussion, but Dr. Simkovich explained how much cumulative smaller blows to the head affect brain function. After treatment, my comprehension and concentration skills greatly improved. The dull headaches that I often had stopped and my memory was noticeably sharper. I typically had a hard time remembering people’s names, but that improved dramatically after Dr. Simkovich treated me.”

— Todd Kalis, Former NFL Player, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers

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