Concussion Treatment


Concussion Treatment

Closed cranial injuries, like a concussion, often create specific cranial patterns that can be reversed through specialized cranial movement therapy. In concussion cases, the sphenoid bone may become tilted low to the left side of the head, which then hinders the parts of the brain that control math and reading comprehension.

The shift in one bone placement has a domino effect on the remaining cranial bones. As a result, the frontal bone descends, which inhibits circulation to the frontal and middle brain, impairing short term memory. Another cranial fault is inhibited movement of the lesser wings of the sphenoid, which affects eye-tracking.

Dr. Simkovich determines what cranial bones have shifted and over the course of a few weeks, he works to restore normal cranial movement which allows the brain to heal. With this care, patients drastically lower their risk for prolonged effects and begin to see improvements in their functionality.

“I had balance problems as a player and coordination issues from years of playing and sustaining typical blows to the head that all players get.
Dr. Simkovich treated me with his cranial techniques and my problems were soon corrected. His methods played a huge part in my success as a player.”

— Dermontti Dawson, Former Steeler and Hall of Famer

Simkovich Concussion Institute effectively treats symptoms and illnesses that result from concussions and cranial injuries. We offer care for ailments including:

  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Reading Problems
  • Dizziness
  • Balance Problems
  • Concussion
  • Headaches
  • Learning Disorders
  • Lightheadedness
  • Autism


Autism Treatment

Cranial treatment is a medical intervention that focuses on reestablishing normal cranial bone movement, which is compromised in individuals with autism. When the cranial bone movement is not properly functioning, brain activity is negatively affected. Dr. Simkovich provides treatment to restore proper cranial bone movement which will increase the circulation of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to the brain. This increase of circulation is known to help the brain in healing.

Cranial movement therapy is unlike any other interventions available to people with autism because it is the only one that deals directly with the brain and offers. The Simkovich Concussion Institute offers the most direct therapy to the central nervous system, which is the area of the most concern for an autistic patient.


Child Brain Trauma Treatment

Our office specializes in treatments for children. In head trauma cases, including concussions, we work to re-establish proper cranial movement. When normal cranial bone movement is altered, the brain receives unequal pressure that causes neurological problems.

Head injuries and decreased cranial bone movement can be major influences in learning disabilities, displaced brain functions, ADD, ADHD, and other cranial malfunctions. Re-establishing proper cranial movement allows the child’s brain to heal, improving his or her reading skills, comprehension skills, memory retention, and breathing function.

“Our daughter Graziella was born early, via c-section. She was born with ankyloglossia and a submucous cleft palate. This caused an inability to latch while breast-feeding. We asked the specialists at Children’s Hospital if we would ever be able to breast-feed; each person agreed that we would not be able to do so.

They also explained that both her speech and hearing could be affected. A frenulectomy was performed for the ankyloglossia, which was successful. A mid­wife referred us to Dr. Simkovich for a consultation to see if his specialty might help our daughter to nurse.

As soon as we got home from the first visit with Dr. Simkovich, our daughter was able to latch and breastfeed with absolutely no difficulties. Dr. Simkovich used minimal intervention with our daughter and she was breastfeeding after one visit…I only wish that we would have found him sooner.”

— Luigi and Elizabeth Provenza
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