If you have suffered a head injury and are living with the debilitating effects of a concussion there is no need to suffer endlessly. I suffered my head injury 30 years ago in the military and slowly declined over the years until the symptoms were so bad the quality of my life deteriorated to the point I could barely function. Unaware of what was happening I visited many doctors and specialists with everyone presenting the same conclusion they didn’t know what was causing the symptoms and they had no answer or cure.

I tried rehab and different vision therapies with limited results. Thankfully I found Dr Simkovich and immediately scheduled an appointment. If you are reading this post you have the same questions and concerns I did. Is this real and does it work? I can personally attest the treatment is real and works. I only wish I had found Dr Simkovich years ago and could have ended the symptoms and effects of my head injury when my accident occurred.

Dr Simkovich is very caring and passionate about the patient and treatment. The office staff is fantastic and will ensure you are well taken care of during your visit. I usually do not post reviews however I know what it is like to suffer the affects of a concussion and promised myself I would do everything possible to let people know there is a legitimate treatment available that can alleviate your symptoms. I encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation to discuss your symptoms and treatment with Dr Simkovich. I promise you it will be the best decision of your life.