I am forever grateful that my Doctor shared with me the powerful results of treatment for head injuries in his own family with Dr Simkovitch. When I first came to Dr Simkovich I was suffering from symptoms from my first concussion and had sustained a second one. I was under the care of Dr Collins at UPMC when I went for my consultation with Dr Simkovitch. Because I needed to know for myself and still had issues from my first concussion after care at UPMC, I strictly treated with Dr Simkovitch and then returned for follow up at UPMC. Tests confirmed ( as did my symptoms) that I had recovered fully and quickly. Incredible!! I then brought my son to Dr Simkovitch as well. He had previously been treated at UPMC for a head injury but had residual lingering symptoms. He did the intensive while on college break with awesome results. He is now learning and RETAINING successfully in dental school. We are so blessed and working to pay it forward with referrals to Dr Simkovitch to help others!