Words can not describe how grateful we are to have found Dr. Simkovich!

It truly was an answer to prayer. My son had suffered several concussions. With his last one he started his treatment within the UPMC concussion program. (As we had prior) His progress was very slow. They tried medication, vestibular therapy, glasses and more. We continued that route for approximately 6 months. During this time he became more discouraged and was feeling like he would never be well again. He was struggling with his studies and was unable to return to baseball. We knew we had to find something or someone who could help him and thankfully we did. Dr Simkovich saw him for an evaluation and assured us he could help. He did the 4 day intensive treatment and this was the fix! On his second day of treatment you could see the improvement in his eyes and even his hearing! In 3 weeks we returned to UPMC concussion rehab for exit testing, because he needed to be cleared with them, to play baseball again. The physical therapists were all astounded by his progress! When they saw that he was scheduled for exit testing, they thought that there would be NO way that he would be passing. He was put through an intense exit test and he passed, surprising them all! We then went back to the concussion doctor, she too was very pleased and he was released. He returned to class and has since made the Dean’s list and could see the baseball more clearly than ever! His overall well-being was back. His overall happy personality was back.

We are and will always be so thankful for how Dr Simkovich was able to help him. We continue to tell everyone we meet, if they or someone they know has been dealing with a concussion or other symptoms he treats, that they NEED to see him.