Tom had the following problems: He could only hold a pen like a dagger; He would switch hands, usually mid-line on a page; He was unable to cross mid line with his left hand (he writes left handed); He had difficulty following instructions; He had difficulty handling multiple commands or thoughts.

When Tom had completed his treatment with Charles Simkovich and went back to his learning disability teacher for the first new session, she immediately asked, “What happened?!” She remarked to me that the change in Tom was “unbelievable”. She noticed the following things: His motor coordination was almost completely normal; He could hold a pen properly in his left hand, not like a dagger; He was not switching back and forth between hands while writing; He could cross the mid-line of a page, continuing to write with his left hand; He could follow instructions, even complex ones, he was tuning in instead of out; He was able to deal with multiple concepts and directions at one time; Tom was happier and remarked that Dr. Simkovich’s work “made it easier”. There was a tremendous boost in his confidence and self-esteem.

Later when Tom had further cranial/spinal adjustments by Dr. Simkovich, Linda Miller noticed “another surge” in Tom’s development. When I thanked Linda Miller, a learning disability specialist having her master’s degree in special education/learning disability and who has extensive experience in working with disturbed and mentally disabled kids, she stated: I can’t take credit for the help” (meaning that it was Dr. Simkovich, rather than she, who turned Tom around).