People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. My daughter and I are truly grateful for the time we spent with Dr. Simkovich. He has transformed her life in such a positive way.

She began to show symptoms of a mild brain trauma in her junior year of high school. She lost her ability to concentrate for periods of time. She showed symptoms of depression and started to have OCD tendencies at the same time. She began playing competitive soccer at 7 years old and the header was her favorite way to contact the ball.

By her freshman year of college, her symptoms had gotten worse. She couldn’t sleep through the night and would have anxiety attacks. She began to need ADD medication to study at all. Her grades were sub-par to say the least.

I found out about Dr. Simkovich through a friend, and I immediately arranged to take my daughter to Pittsburgh during her spring break of her freshman year of college. After only a few treatments, she felt the benefits. She was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. The cloud of depression-like symptoms that hung over her head lifted and felt rejuvenated.

Upon returning to school, her reading comprehension improved dramatically such that she could understand and focus without the help of her ADD medication. Her grades improved tremendously, but the best part is that her self-confidence increased all thanks to the work of Dr. Simkovich.