Dear Dr. Simkovich,

I want to let you know how well Michael is doing since his treatment in July.

The first evidence of success came after Michael took the hunter safety course to be able to get a junior hunting license. The class started at 6-9:30pm on Friday and then 8-4 on Saturday with the rest in the last hour. Out of 104 questions, which were true/false, multiple choice, essay, and matching, Mike missed 2. It’s a major miracle for him to be able to retain, sort out and keep it in proper order.

The first week of school, I went to his teacher and took the information I received from your office. I asked her to not treat Michael any differently than the other students in testing. For two years, he has had to have oral spelling tests to be able to achieve a passing grade. On his written tests, he would miss 11-14 out of 20 words. Last Friday he took his first written spelling test and got a 100%!

The anger and frustration are no longer a problem. He’s actually enjoying learning! We have seen such a big change in his attitude about school and homework. He’s bringing very little home where he used to bring 4-5 books home before and have almost the entire lesson to do in each subject. There is such a difference! Thank you so much for being there for these kids.

I am telling other mothers of L.D. children about you and Michael’s results. It has been worth every penny and second of time we invested.

Again, thank you so much!

A grateful mother,