My son Robert Michael Work became a patient of Dr. Charlies Simkovich. Dr. SImkovich has been treating Mike for dyslexia and learning disabilities.

Mike has been a L.D. student since 5th grade, Mike is now a senior at Moon High School. The last few months of his junior year, we noticed a big change in his school work. Mike came up from a D-C average to a C-B+ average. Mike said he noticed a big change after his first treatment. He was able to understand things more clearly in the classroom. Mike improved so much in reading, that I found him his room reading a book and he couldn’t put it down because he was enjoying the book so much. Mike never sat in his room before reading, in fact, I had a hard time getting him to read anything. Now it is a joy to see him so happy and enjoying class because he understands what is going on.

Mike is a football player for Moon High School. Mike hopes to get a full scholarship to a Division I school. Mike has improved so much this season; we know that he is feeling good about himself. Mike will be starting offense and defense lineman. Last year, Mike only started defense. We know that the only way to go is all the way to the top. Thanks to people like Dr. Simkovich who devoted so much of his time to helping people like my son.