When I was the offensive coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh football team, I was a patient of Dr. Charles A. Simkovich. While in his office one day, I became aware of the fact that Dr. Simkovich had treated many athletes with a “special procedure that actually improves their athletic ability.

This interested me, because as a coach, I am always searching for newer and better ways for my players to improve their performance… to help them reach their full potential and be the best possible athlete they can be. We spoke at length about the procedure. He filled me in on some details about the procedure and even demonstrated a few of the techniques on me. He also showed me a common exercise that had detrimental effects. The changes were not only surprising, but they were immediate. The doctor made a good point that not only was it important to know what to do to improve yourself, but it is equally important to know that things that you do that are counter-productive, so that they can be avoided.

I referred one of our quarterbacks to Dr. Simkovich to see for myself if this treatment could make as much an improvement in a player’s ability as I suspected. The particular young man had loads of potential that he just wasn’t realizing.

The changes in this player were, to say the least, dramatic! In just two weeks after his treatment, his times in agility drills were reduced by several tenths of a second. His forty-yard dash time went from 5.4 seconds to 5.1 seconds.

Even more impressive was the change in the way this quarterback threw the football and found his receivers. Before the treatment, he had poor field vision and had an extremely difficult time finding his receivers. After the treatment, he was able to find his receivers easily and was also much more accurate with his throws.

I remarked to Dr. Simkovich about the chain in this player’s ability to find his receivers and the improvement in his accuracy. He explained to me that he had objects with his eyes. The doctor treated the problem and that is why there was an improvement in the quarterback’s ability to find his receivers.

It is exciting to know that there is a treatment that is able to literally improve someone’s coordination and athletic ability. I am not aware of any other such program.

As a coach, I feel that this work is imperative for any athlete that is serious about improving their skills.