I suffered with migraine headaches since I was 12 years of age. Currently, I am 53 years old. Over the years I have doctored with numerous MDs, Neurologists, Gynecologists, and Headache Specialists and Chiropractors. I progressed from there and I sought out a Headache Specialist from Cleveland Clinic, the head of Neurological services from WVU Hospital and the head of Gynecological services from WVU hospital. At this point, we had them narrowed down to hormonal migraines and I had a complete hysterectomy. This helped somewhat taking the headache count from 15/16 to 6/8 migraines each month. I had pills and self-injecting shots that would stop the migraine, but I didn’t like taking the medicine. It left me drowsy and sluggish. If you are a migraine sufferer, you know that you have to take the medicine or your day is finished. Your life stops until the migraine passes. This also left my head “foggy” on off headache days. I just didn’t feel well.

One day a family friend mentioned they too suffered from migraines. She sought treatment with Dr. Charles Simkovich and no longer suffers with the headaches.

It took me several months to finally make the initial appointment You see, I was very disgusted with all the failed doctor’s appointments, tests, medication trials, etc. I had been through a lot of treatment and I didn’t know if I had another headache appointment/discussion in me.

I started treated with Dr. Simkovich in September 2014. My headaches peaked at 16 during the treatment. Dr. Simkovich explained they may get worse before they get better and it is going ot take some time because I suffered for so long. He was right.

In June of 2015, my migraine count was only 3, two of them being slight migraines that didn’t progress to major ones. This is a major improvement going from migraines 50% of the month to only 3…

I am so glad I made the decision the give one more doctor a try. I must say that he hung in there with me and when I was discouraged he kept going. He was very confident in his ability, and I was used to it not working.

I am walking proof that his treatment words and will be referring others to him for migraine relief.