The Simkovich Concussion Treatment Philosophy

The Simkovich Concussion Treatment Philosophy

For many concussion sufferers, migraines, mental health problems, vision challenges, sleep disturbances and difficulty remembering things become their new way of life, and many give up any hope of returning to their pre-concussion life.

At Simkovich Concussion Institute, we believe that the physical damage resulting from a concussion must be addressed properly before a person is able to return to their pre-concussion life. Just like the physical damage sustained by a fracture needs treated properly to ensure full recovery, we address this damage by treating TBIs and concussions at their source using a revolutionary therapy, CMT-Simkovich Approach. (“CMT”)

CMT is a method of evaluation, assessment and treatment for concussion and other traumatic injuries to the brain and head that addresses the concussion at the injured site.  This is critical, as most other injuries to various parts of the body require an intervention to the injured site to facilitate healing/rehabilitation to resolve the damage from the injury/assault. As in the basic principles of Orthopaedic Medicine (Dr. Cyriax), every pain has a source, treatment must reach the source and in order to relieve the pain/symptoms, the treatment employed must benefit the source of the problem (Cyriax, J.H., Cyriax’s Illustrated Manual of Orthopaedic Medicine, Butterworth & Heinemann, 1993).  

CMT is a treatment technique that delivers an intervention directly to the injured site. 

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