Revolutionary Concussion Treatment

Simkovich Concussion Institute is advancing the treatment of post concussion syndrome. We treat patients nationwide with a groundbreaking technique with proven clinical results for resolving post concussion symptoms, restoring pre-concussion life for over 10,000 patients.

Intensive Concussion Treatment Therapy

Our institute prides itself on providing safe, non-invasive and efficacious treatment that accelerates the recovery process for a patient.  Through research and study, we are innovating treatment so those suffering with post concussion syndrome can get maximum improvements in the shortest possible time and rediscover pre-concussion life.

Accelerated Concussion Recovery

Simkovich Concussion Institute utilizes an intensive rehabilitative therapy protocol which is a revolutionary CMT technique.  It benefits patients by providing improvements in post concussion symptoms and yields results in under a week in most cases.
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Meet Concussion Specialist, Dr. Charles Simkovich


Dr. Charles Simkovich is a concussion specialist who treats patients nationwide with a revolutionary treatment for post concussion syndrome sufferers. Boasting an unprecedented success rate, this breakthrough technique has restored over 10,000 concussion sufferers to their pre-concussion lives.  CMT-Simkovich approach is a novel procedure advancing the diagnosis and treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury, and is currently moving to the next phase of research trials after first phase of research studies results.

Due to the success of CMT, patients have traveled from throughout the U.S. and as far as Europe to Pittsburgh, PA in order to seek Dr. Simkovich’s expert opinion. Many of these patients, including prominent athletes from the NFL, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and pro-boxing organizations, had previously suffered for years. The results he has achieved for his patients have often been described as “life-changing,” and in many cases, these treatments have resulted in full restoration of the patient’s pre-concussion status.

No matter where you reside, if you’re experiencing any of the multitude of symptoms due to a head injury, I urge you to call me right now, free of charge.

Dr. Charles Simkovich

Struggling with Post Concussion Symptoms? Get Treatment by a Specialist Advancing the Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury.

  • Our patients receive cutting-edge, individualized assessment, treatment, and progress monitoring that focuses on rehabilitating the damage done by traumatic brain injury.
  • Employing this unique technique called CMT-Simkovich Approach, Dr. Simkovich observed significant improvement in the clinical outcomes of his patients who were suffering long-lasting debilitating symptoms of headaches, dizziness, and lack of concentration.
  • Researchers at Wheeling University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program believe that this technique may increase the blood flow to the brain and increase the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid in order to accelerate the healing process of the damaged brain tissue.
  • The concussion treatment is highly successful due to the development of the “Intensive Treatment Protocol which shortens the concussed patient’s rehabilitation time, allowing maximum improvement in the shortest time possible.

  • Dr. Simkovich is truly amazing! He has worked wonders for me and my health needs. I thank you!!! Dr. Grabski

    Dr. Beverly Grabski, Industry, PA
  • Once treatment began, Christian began to acquire language in a "snowball" type manner just as young children typically do. Every day the pace of his language acquisition advanced by leaps and bounds. He was finally using words he had picked up from daily living experiences just as he had before his regression in early toddlerhood. We were extremely amazed by his rapidly advancing language skills. Finally he could express his wants and needs. This new ability enhanced Christian's life and development in countless ways.

    Cynthia and Kerry Stith
  • To: Athletes and Coaches: The Duquesne University basketball team has worked with Dr. Simkovich’s Athletic Engineering program for the past year. The results were impressive, with significant improvements measured in their vertical leap, standing broad jump and in the weight room. My Son also worked in the program, which allowed me to observe the program and the changes it makes from both a coach’s and parent’s perspective. Dr. Simkovich picked up on gait issue with my son during his first session with him. I can say that the improvements my son make in his coordination, foot speed and strength were accomplished quickly, and to a much larger degree than expected. I would recommend this program to any athlete who wishes to improve their physical skills.

    Duquesne Basketball Team Danny Nee . Head Basketball Coach , Duquesne University
  • I once was plagued with balance problems. Being a professional athlete, I cannot afford to have balance problems. I started going to Dr. Simkovich for treatment. After a few treatments, I began to see great improvement with my balance. My balance is no longer a problem for me, thanks to the treatment given by Dr. Simkovich.  

    Dermontti Dawson, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dr. Simkovich is like a hero. I sufferred from a concussion for about 8 weeks. I tried all of the "normal" treatments/therapy and nothing was working. I thought it was going to take months to get over. My mom did some research and found out about Dr. Simkovich. I signed up for a 4 day intensive treatment. I can truly say that I felt relief immediately. He was also able to fix other problems from previous blows to my head. As the weeks go on, I continue to feel better and better. I highly recommend Dr. Simkovich to anyone who has had a concussion, whether it be minor or severe.

    Jake Smithco, Cranberry Twp, PA
  • I used to get tired after reading just one paragraph. My ability to concentrate was awful. Thanks to Dr. Simkovich’s treatment, I can now read several chapters without a problem.

    Don Luce Professional NHL Player 1968-1982
  • Dr. Charlie treated me for the head injuries I had as a player. Before he treated me, I would read something and have no idea what I had just read. Because of his treatment, when I read I don't get tired and understand everything I read.

    L.C. Greenwood Pittsburgh Steeler, member of the "Steel Curtain"
  • I began seeing Dr. Simkovich after experiencing concussion-like symptoms following a minor car accident last winter. I experienced a significant improvement in acute symptoms after just a couple of treatment sessions. As treatment continued, I also saw improvements in cognitive function, memory, and concentration, all of which had clearly been affected by previous concussions. Cranial movement therapy significantly improved my quality of life and Dr. Simkovich continues to be my top recommendation to those suffering from TBI in the Pittsburgh area.

    Antonio Caligiuri, Certified Health Coach - Bishop, CA

CMT-Simkovich approach has been proven successful with clinical results and by numerous objective tests, including the widely used ImPact test.

Intensive Treatment Protocolshortens the concussed patients rehabilitation, allowing maximum improvement in the shortest possible time.

Through research and study we are innovating treatment that provides significant improvement in symptoms and yields results in under a week in most cases.