Accelerated Therapy-Results Under a Week

Accelerated Concussion Recovery - Results in Under a Week

Simkovich Concussion Institute utilizes an intensive rehabilitative therapy protocol which is a revolutionary CMT technique. It benefits patients by providing improvements in post-concussion symptoms and yielding results in under a week in most cases.

Whether you are local or traveling from wherever you reside to employing CMT which is a safe, non-invasive, and efficacious technique to rehabilitate concussion patients, Dr. Simkovich developed an “Intensive Treatment Protocol”, which accelerates the concussion recovery process for the patient.

The Intensive Treatment Protocol stimulates healing to begin the first treatment week. Results often are seen the first day, and the healing continues for several weeks after the treatments are concluded. The specialized concussion doctor delivers Intensive Treatment therapy in a concentrated method that flattens the healing curve, even for those patients who have had multiple concussive events or those patients whose concussions are years old. While treatment results in most cases are reported within the first week, further improvement of symptoms is reported for 6-8 weeks of treatment following treatment during the post-treatment physical and cognitive rehabilitation provided for each patient.

The Intensive Treatment and Post Treatment Rehabilitation Protocol benefits patients by accelerating results and improvements in symptoms.

In addition, the treatment program is logistically and economically advantageous to patients by receiving treatment and post-treatment rehabilitation very efficiently.

To learn more about accelerated rehabilitation and your recovery with us, please contact us today.

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“This is just my second day of treatment, but have already noticed changes starting. Dr. Simkovich is very knowledgeable and efficient and personable… So I’m sitting in Dr. Simkovich’s office for day #2 of 4 and am already blown away by the progress! I have already noticed a change in my balance and sense of smell. He is also addressing eye focus and memory. This guy is nationally known for his work with concussion patients/ athletes and I am so grateful to my dear friend Diane for recommending him. I’ve had 3 known concussions, 2 other head traumas, and been in 2 comas in my life – didn’t realize the cumulative effect of all these ? I came here for help with the drastic change in my memory, and am getting better balance, better focus, and getting my sense of smell back! Praise God I’m a happy boy!!”

Charles Little

Economy, PA