Baseline Evaluation and Screening Test (B.E.S.T.)

Patent title B.E.S.T., (Baseline Evaluation and Screening Test)


Patent description B.E.S.T., a patented screening test for brain function and concussions.

Described are methods, systems, and mediums for testing neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function which reflect physical and mental compromise that may be associated with, for example, traumatic brain injury (TBI). In particular, a computer-executed method, system, and computer readable medium for testing neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function of a subject are described which measure a subject’s performance in a test comprising one or more test modules designed to challenge neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function and compare the performance to one or more baselines to evaluate physical and mental compromise.   

Patent date Issued Apr 17, 2014 Patent issuer and number U.S. WO2012135654 A1   

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