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I have had 5 concussions the last couple of years and have seen so many doctors and went to different clinics to help post-concussion. Nothing I did seemed to help or make a difference until I was referred to Dr. Simkovich from a client of mine. I used to have anxiety and random spells of depression that I had no control over and didn’t want to be put on a medication for depression or anxiety when it was random and had no idea where it was coming from. Since I have had my treatments at this office, I have felt like a whole new woman and wish I found or heard of him sooner! I haven’t had any anxiety so far, no depression spells, and have so much energy and feel back to “me”, Nothing but excellence comes with being seen in his office. The receptionists are so welcoming, friendly, and nice! Highly Recommended!!

Alyssa Elluinger

from Pittsburgh, PA.

“Can not thank Dr. Charles Simkovich and his wife Stacey L. Simkovich enough! Have gotten my life back after an unexpected life-changing event where I had lost all hope of having my life back as I knew it. As an ICU Nurse had done my research before getting treated at the Simkovich Concussion Institute. Dr. Charles Simkovich is the only one in our area that uses the cutting-edge treatment of CMT that no other facility uses and definitely has the best results than other traditional treatments!”

Mary Lynn Marsico

from Allison Park, PA.

“Dr. Simkovich has been doing treatments on our daughter for the past 4 months. When she started, she had suffered many concussions. She could not see very well, she had headaches, her neck hurt and she felt like she was in a fog all the time. She couldn’t think straight. After just the first treatment she felt relief. And now she no longer has symptoms and she feels like herself. Dr. Simkovich is so kind and caring. We are blessed to have found him and we are thankful for what he has done for our daughter!!”

Regina Reynolds

from Sisterville, WV.

“While waiting at a red light, I was rear-ended by a truck going 30-40mph. My car got thrown 15 yards forward while my head slammed the steering wheel after whip-lashing backward. I was taken to the hospital via ambulance. This was just the beginning. The first obvious symptom was an ever-present headache. This went on for a long time and never seemed to go away or even let up. Some other symptoms include awful head pressure, odd bouts of depression, scary memory problems, trouble reading, uncharacteristic bouts of anger, balance and coordination issues, sound sensitivity, vision issues, confusion, and many others. I felt like I was living in a constant fog. I saw several well-respected and world-renowned concussion specialists, yet nothing helped ease or alleviate my symptoms. Luckily I came across Dr. Simkovich while mindlessly searching YouTube about concussion treatments. After several months and a couple of phone calls with Dr. Simkovich himself – where he patiently answered all of my questions, my wife and I took the plunge and drove 11 hours for his 5-day intensive treatment. I need to emphasize how easy he was to talk to, and how patient he was while answering my questions. He clearly explained his treatment, and why it works. While filling out the registration/assessment form, my wife noticed that she was experiencing at least half of the symptoms I was checking off. She had been hit from behind after a fight broke out in a bar years ago, so she decided to get treated as well. After the treatment, I noticed I didn’t have my ever-present head pressure anymore and my memory came back as if someone had flipped a switch. I slept through the night for the first time in months. I couldn’t believe it. My word recall improved significantly. I never realized how clouded my thinking was, or just how poor my attention span was until after the procedure. I mean, I knew I had a lot of trouble concentrating and paying attention –this was very obvious, but just how much wasn’t truly apparent to me until it came back. It was like a miracle. My wife’s neck tension went away. I mean it completely went away. She also said that her anxiety “went from like an 8/9 to a 2” and that she “just felt clearer.” She also slept 12 hours uninterrupted after the first day of treatment. I must add that she just seemed more alert and happier overall in my opinion. “This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself” is how she describes what kind of effects that the treatment had on her. I’d like to add that I was a reasonably accomplished amateur boxer with just over 20 bouts, and played linebacker in high school and college, so there’s no doubt I’ve suffered concussions along the way. With all the emerging information regarding head trauma and the complications from it, I had begun to worry not only about the concussion I sustained from my car accident but the potential long-term health problems from those prior blows to my head as well. After talking to Dr. Simkovich throughout my stay, these worries are quelled significantly. I understand the hopelessness you may feel after months or even years of visiting different well-meaning doctors and specialists but reaching minimum to zero relief of your symptoms, that was me. So I encourage you to just give Dr. Simkovich a call and see what he has to say. I’m certainly glad I did.”

Joe McGrath

from Woburn, MA.

“I became a patient of Dr. Simkovich’s when I had a concussion in high school. His treatment quickly resolved the symptoms I was experiencing totally. Since then he has treated me throughout my entire college basketball career, which just ended at UNC. There was a very noticeable improvement in my skills, shooting, balance and hand-eye coordination with each treatment. I ended my senior season averaging 16.9 points per game and shooting 46% from three point range! I thank Dr. Simkovich for all of his help!”

Cameron Johnson

University Of North Carolina / First Round Draft Pick in the 2019 NBA Draft – Phoenix Suns

Tracy McCabe Badia

from Bellarie, OH.

Luke Rayman

from Fox Chapel, PA.

“To learn more about concussions and concussion prevention, I encourage you to visit Simkovich Concussion Institute’s website at www.simkovichconcussioninstitute.com or give them a call. Tell them TK sent you.”

Tyler Kennedy

Drafted 99th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2004.

“My daughter was in an auto accident and diagnosed with a concussion. We referred to treatment w Dr. Simkovich and saw an immediate improvement in her. I also had head trauma and concussion in the last. I was so impressed w the treatment adjustments I have been keeping regular appts for myself. I can feel the results w less compression in my skull and cervical spine.”

Diane Sippel

Pittsburgh, PA

“I was admittedly skeptical about Dr. Simkovich’s method for treating concussions. It seemed a bit wacky, to be honest. But after 2 concussions in 3 months, followed by more than a year of post-concussion symptoms, I was willing to try. And I am so happy I did. After all those months of intense headaches, losing my balance while standing still, and living in a fog … The treatments changed my world. It took a while, but after a couple of weeks, I could tell the difference. Now that I’ve completed my main course of treatment, the improvements remain in place. My life is much better as a result of these treatments. Highly recommend Dr. Simkovich and wish I had gone to him sooner.”

Matt Howell

from Allison Park, PA.

“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” My daughter and I are truly grateful for the time we spent with Dr. Simkovich. He has transformed her life in such a positive way. She began to show symptoms of mild brain trauma in her junior year of high school. She lost her ability to concentrate for periods of time. She showed symptoms of depression and started to have OCD tendencies at the same time. She began playing competitive soccer at 7 years and the header was her favorite way to contact the ball. By her freshman year of college, her symptoms had gotten worse. She couldn’t sleep through the night and would have anxiety attacks. She began to need Attention Deficit Disorder medicine to study at all. Her grades were sub-par, to say the least. I found out about Dr. Simkovich through a friend and I immediately arrange to take my daughter to Pittsburgh during the spring break of her freshman year of college. After only a few treatments, she felt the benefits. She was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. The cloud of depression-like symptoms that hung over her head lifted and she felt rejuvenated. Upon returning to school her reading comprehension improved dramatically such that she could understand and focus without the help of A.D.D. Medicine. Her grades improved tremendously, but the best part is that her self-confidence increased thanks to the work of Dr. Simkovich.”

Dawn Stein

Pittsburgh, PA

“I once was plagued with balance problems. Being a professional athlete, I cannot afford to have balance problems. I started going to Dr. Simkovich for treatment. After a few treatments, I began to see great improvement with my balance. My balance is no longer a problem for me, thanks to the treatment given by Dr. Simkovich.”

Dermonti Dawson

(Former NFL Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers 1988-2000)

“Dr. Charlie treated me for the head injuries I had as a player. Before he treated me, I would read something and have no idea what I had just read. Because of his treatment, when I read I don’t get tired and I understand everything I read.”

LC Greenwood

(Former NFL Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers)

“I have been suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury for the last 13 years. I also have a severed nerve in my eye and severe damage to my inner ear which affected my equilibrium and caused me to fall a lot…at least a couple of times a month, resulting in many concussions. I had constant brain fog, severe memory issues – I have prescribed a drug for early-onset Alzheimer’s -, I was unable to take more than one step, heel to toe, without falling. I was breaking bones from falling and always black and blue with numerous trips to the ER. These are just the most severe complications. There are more. I was so desperate for healing, I traveled from Oklahoma to Wexford, PA to see Dr. Simkovich. No more brain fog, my memory is vastly improved, I haven’t fallen in about two months (since my treatment), and I can walk backward and forward heel to toe across a room without falling! Dr. Simkovich changed my life. I would highly recommend anyone with a TBI to get treatment from him. I would have done whatever necessary to get into his office and I’m so very glad I did.”

Therese Venable

Tulsa, OK

“This is just my second day of treatment, but have already noticed changes starting. Dr. Simkovich is very knowledgeable and efficient and personable… So I’m sitting in Dr. Simkovich’s office for day #2 of 4 and am already blown away by the progress! I have already noticed a change in my balance and sense of smell. He is also addressing eye focus and memory. This guy is nationally known for his work with concussion patients/ athletes and I am so grateful to my dear friend Diane for recommending him. I’ve had 3 known concussions, 2 other head traumas, and been in 2 comas in my life – didn’t realize the cumulative effect of all these ? I came here for help with the drastic change in my memory, and am getting better balance, better focus, and getting my sense of smell back! Praise God I’m a happy boy!!”

Charles Little

Economy, PA

“My son had delayed motor development, difficulty processing information, and difficulty remembering things. We had tried OT, PT, nutritionist, and neurologist and had no success. Then we discovered Dr. Simkovich. After a couple of visits with Dr. Simkovich, my son was picking up motor skills that he was unable to do with PT and OT. He went from getting D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s in school. My son has been seeing Dr. Simkovich for almost 3 years now and I honestly don’t know what we would do without Dr. Simkovich. Everyone at Simkovich Concussion Institute is incredibly friendly and professional. He has one of the nicest office staff I have been around. I am so grateful to have this quality doctor in the Pittsburgh area.”

Christy VanArsdale

Pittsburgh, PA

“I had a severe concussion/TBI 10 years before visiting Dr. Simkovich. I could feel the improvements after the first visit. I had attributed my condition, balance, and concentration issues to old age. Both improved dramatically and my wife told me I got my personality back.”

David Remele

from Pittsburgh, PA.
Jody Garlick

“I can’t thank you enough for providing the treatment that allowed my son to completely heal from his concussion. He was diagnosed with a concussion and whiplash injury from playing ice hockey in November 2014. We had tried many types of therapy over a period of about nine months prior to seeing you include physical and vestibular therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. Although those therapies were helpful for some of his symptoms, my son continued to have daily headaches, fatigue, and dysfunction of his endocrine system. Fortunately, one of his doctors recommended you for therapy and it was the best decision we could have made. During the four-day intensive treatment, my son noticed a significant decrease in the intensity of his headaches, improved energy, clearer thinking, and just an overall feeling of improved wellness. As we continued over the next several weeks with some of the other therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic), we noticed that he was responding much better than previously. I am happy to tell you that six weeks after completing his intensive treatment, he was back playing ice hockey with his team and working at his usual level in school. Prior to his evaluation with you, I was starting to doubt whether he would ever play hockey again or be able to have academic success. Thanks to you, I have my son back. Sincerely, Jody.”

Jody Garlick

from Pittsburgh, PA.

“Couldn’t ask for a better doctor!”

William Bohr

from Pittsburgh, PA

“In 1997, when I was the offensive coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh football team, I was a patient of Dr. Charles A. Simkovich. While I was in his office one day, I became aware of the fact that Dr. Simkovich had treated many athletes with a “special” procedure that actually improves their athletic ability.

This interested me because as a coach, I am always searching for newer and better ways for my players to improve their performance… to help them reach their full potential and be the best possible athlete that they can be. We spoke at length about the procedure. He filled me in on some details about the procedure and even demonstrated a few of the techniques to me. He also showed me a common exercise that had detrimental effects. The changes were not only surprising, but they were immediate. The doctor made a good point that not only was important to know what to do to improve yourself, but it is equally important to know the things that you do that are counterproductive, so they can be avoided.

I referred one of our quarterbacks to Dr. Simkovich to see for myself if this treatment could make as much of an improvement in a player’s ability as I suspected. This particular young man had loads of potential that he just wasn’t realizing.

The changes in this player were, to say the least, dramatic! In just two weeks after his treatment, his times in agility drills were reduced by several tenths of a second. His forty-yard dash time went from 5.4 seconds to 5.1 seconds.

It is exciting to know that there is a treatment that is able to literally improve someone’s coordination and athletic ability. I am not aware of any other such program.

As a coach, I feel that this work is imperative for any athlete that is serious about improving their skills.”

Steve Mooshagian

(Former Wide Receivers Coach – Cincinnati Bengals) – Ventura County, CA

Margaret Hopkinson

Five Stars

“I am forever grateful that my doctor shared with me the powerful results of treatment for head injuries in his own family with Dr. Simkovitch. When I first came to Dr. Simkovich I was suffering from symptoms from my first concussion and had sustained a second one. I was under the care of Dr. Collins at UPMC when I went for my consultation with Dr. Simkovitch. Because I needed to know for myself and still had issues from my first concussion aftercare at UPMC, I strictly treated with Dr. Simkovitch and then returned for follow-up at UPMC. Tests confirmed ( as did my symptoms) that I had recovered fully and quickly. Incredible!! I then brought my son to Dr. Simkovitch as well. He had previously been treated at UPMC for a head injury but had residual lingering symptoms. He did the intensive while on a college break with awesome results. He is now learning and RETAINING successfully in dental school. We are so blessed and working to pay it forward with referrals to Dr. Simkovitch to help others!”

Diana Walter

Triad, WV

“During my lifetime I suffered 3 serious concussions. Over time I began to experience a variety of symptoms, including painful pressure in my head when I sneezed, coughed or laughed; head pressure and slight dizziness when bending over; and head pain when I exerted pressure on my extremities. I had vision problems, chronic pain in my neck and upper back, and trouble sleeping. Treatment by medical doctors did not alleviate my symptoms, so when I read Dr. Simkovich’s sign saying he could help if I had not healed from my concussion–I felt hopeful and made an appointment. He not only corrected the misalignment of my skull but also determined that I had a Chiari malformation at the base of my brain. I have been under his care for over a year, and with periodic treatments, I am almost symptom-free! Dr. Simkovich is knowledgeable, skilled, kind, and patient. He provides affordable follow-up treatment, and his staff is caring and helpful. I am blessed to be under his care.”

Joanne Stuchell

from Wexford, PA.

“Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have found Dr. Simkovich! It truly was an answer to prayer.
My son had suffered several concussions. With his last one, he started his treatment within the UPMC concussion program. (As we had prior) His progress was very slow. They tried medication, vestibular therapy, glasses, and more. We continued that route for approximately 6 months. During this time he became more discouraged and was feeling like he would never be well again. He was struggling with his studies and was unable to return to baseball. We knew we had to find something or someone who could help him and thankfully we did. Dr. Simkovich saw him for an evaluation and assured us he could help. He did the 4-day intensive treatment and this was the fix! On his second day of treatment, you could see the improvement in his eyes and even his hearing! In 3 weeks we returned to UPMC concussion rehab for exit testing, because he needed to be cleared with them, to play baseball again. The physical therapists were all astounded by his progress! When they saw that he was scheduled for exit testing, they thought that there would be NO way that he would be passing. He was put through an intense exit test and he passed, surprising them all! We then went back to the concussion doctor, she too was very pleased and he was released. He returned to class and has since made the Dean’s list and could see the baseball more clearly than ever! His overall well-being was back. His overall happy personality was back.”

“We are and will always be so thankful for how Dr. Simkovich was able to help him. We continue to tell everyone we meet if they or someone they know has been dealing with a concussion or other symptoms he treats, that they NEED to see him.
We will be forever thankful to God for leading us to Dr. Simkovich. The treatments my son received healed him and gave him his life back!”

MaryAnn Rayman

Pittsburgh, PA

“My daughter was treated by Dr. Simkovich when her academic performance began to suffer without explanation. We came to find out that a sporting injury to her head, was actually a concussion. We begin treatment immediately after learning concussions do not heal themselves. Within a short span of time her grades improved and so did her attitude and outlook. We can say with confidence now she has been restored to good health, and are very grateful to the Doc, and his team!”

Mark, Sarah & Abbey Smyth

Gibsonia, PA

“Tamara was in a motor vehicle accident on December 16, 2014, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. This caused her to have post-concussive syndrome along with symptoms of memory issues, trouble focusing, unsteady gait, involuntary muscle movements, and lack of coordination on her left side along with several other symptoms. She still has residual problems including difficulty with fine motor skills that require continued treatment. She has seen multiple specialists for this. She is seeing Dr. Simkovich specifically for the post-concussive syndrome symptoms. He is not providing any manipulation with her treatment. Give her symptoms and their severity, I feel that she requires this treatment and that it is medically necessary.”

Dr. Carlos Mayer-Costa

Butler, PA

Dr. Simkovich helped both of my sons with their concussions. He relieved them of all their symptoms headaches, dizziness, Dyslexia, eye focus, and memory problems. They both had severe concussions and are doing great now. Thanks to Dr. Simkovich.

Ron “Anon”


“I was dealing with a concussion, the 4-day intensive treatment plan was well worth the cost! I am beginning to feel like I have my life back, more than I ever imagined I would. Doctor Charles Simkovich has helped other family members and friends of mine as well. I highly recommend his practice and treatment plan.”

Donna Rennie McArdle

from Pittsburgh, PA.

“Cranial Movement Therapy is not like other current methods that are used to treat concussions. This Cranial Movement Therapy actually reverses the symptoms of concussion.”

Laura Magers

Slippery Rock, PA

A. Hussion

Five Stars

“I and my husband were in a car accident and he has been working with us, very professional and easy to work with.”

Niecie Knight

Cranberry, PA

Once treatment began, Christian began to acquire language in a "snowball" type manner just as young children typically do. Every day the pace of his language acquisition advanced by leaps and bounds. He was finally using words he had picked up from daily living experiences just as he had before his regression in early toddlerhood. We were extremely amazed by his rapidly advancing language skills. Finally he could express his wants and needs. This new ability enhanced Christian's life and development in countless ways.

Cynthia and Kerry Stith


“Dr. Simkovich’s treatment really works! I’m not an athlete, thankfully no accident. Hit my head a few times at home, didn’t realize how I had learned to adjust to deficits…highly recommend Dr. Simkovich and his awesome staff?”

Vicki Rajnovic

from Pittsburgh, PA.

“Dr. Simkovich is in a league of his own. I have worked with neurologists, orthopedic concussion doctors, neuro-ophthalmologists, and a multitude of vestibular therapists since my traumatic brain injury. Dr. Simkovich has been the only medical professional to aid and augment my recovery in a sizable manner. He is very astute, a broad thinker and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Christopher Jones

Cranberry Township, PA

“The Duquesne University basketball team has worked with Dr. Simkovich’s Athletic Engineering program for the past year. The results were impressive, with significant improvements measured in their vertical leap, standing broad jump, and in the weight room.

My son who also worked in the program allowed me to observe the program and the changes it makes from both a coach’s and a parent’s perspective. Dr. Simkovich picked up on a gait issue with my son during his first session with him. I can say that the improvements my son made in his coordination, foot speed, and strength were accomplished quickly, and to a much larger degree than I expected. I would recommend this program to any athlete who wishes to improve their physical skills.”

Danny Nee

(Head Basketball Coach, Duquesne University)

Douglas Wilbur


“Loved our experience with him, gave us the answers we have been looking for!”

Samantha Bogear

New Castle, PA

“Dr. Simkovich is like a hero. I suffered from a concussion for about 8 weeks. I tried all of the “normal” treatments/therapy and nothing was working. I thought it was going to take months to get over. My mom did some research and found out about Dr. Simkovich. I signed up for a 4-day intensive treatment. I can truly say that I felt relief immediately. He was also able to fix other problems from previous blows to my head. As the weeks go on, I continue to feel better and better. I highly recommend Dr. Simkovich to anyone who has had a concussion, whether it be minor or severe.”

James Smithco

Cranberry Township, PA
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“Dr. Simkovich is amazing. He is legitimately one of very few people on the entire planet who have the knowledge he has about the cranial structure and how to repair damage done to the brain. Practically no one has the knowledge he has about fixing the brain. Within two treatments of working with Dr. Simkovich, I noticed a significant improvement in myself and how I felt. It absolutely helped my anxiety and all other negatives from my previous concussions that I was dealing with immediately. I was so taken back by how quickly I felt the results that I thought to myself “maybe I was wrong about how injured I was” and the very next day I sat in on treatment with another young lady who had multiple concussions as well and his treatments gave her the exact same results. He is just really that good at what he does. Then as the months went on I continued to improve and feel better. I am getting my ability to remember things consistently and I haven’t dealt with any anxiety or psychological issues since working with Dr. Simkovich. Like I said he’s amazing.”

Hunter Akers

Austin, TX

“If you have suffered a head injury and are living with the debilitating effects of a concussion there is no need to suffer endlessly.
I suffered my head injury 30 years ago in the military and slowly declined over the years until the symptoms were so bad the quality of my life deteriorated to the point I could barely function.”

Unaware of what was happening I visited many doctors and specialists with everyone presenting the same conclusion they didn’t know what was causing the symptoms and they had no answer or cure. I tried rehab and different vision therapies with limited results.
Thankfully I found Dr. Simkovich and immediately scheduled an appointment. If you are reading this post you have the same questions and concerns I did. Is this real and does it work? I can personally attest the treatment is real and works. I only wish I had found Dr. Simkovich years ago and could have ended the symptoms and effects of my head injury when my accident occurred.
Dr. Simkovich is very caring and passionate about the patient and treatment. The office staff is fantastic and will ensure you are well taken care of during your visit.”

I usually do not post reviews however I know what it is like to suffer the effects of a concussion and promised myself I would do everything possible to let people know there is a legitimate treatment available that can alleviate your symptoms. I encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation to discuss your symptoms and treatment with Dr. Simkovich. I promise you it will be the best decision of your life.”

Scott Edgell

Lancaster, PA

“Amazing! I am grateful beyond words to have found Dr. Simkovich! I was told by UPMC that nothing could be done to treat my concussion. They could give me medications but that was it. After 4 months of treatment, I can say that I am truly healed! I feel better than I have in over 20 years! MSR”

Melissa Valenti

Westmoreland City, PA

“He has helped two family members. Excellent staff!!! Wonderful doctor!!! They all know their patients and their families. Our family highly recommends!”

Paula Witt Gilbert

Valley Grove, WV

“My daughter was treated by Dr. Simkovich when her academic performance began to suffer without explanation. We came to find out that a sporting injury to her head, was actually a concussion. We begin treatment immediately after learning concussions do not heal themselves. Within a short span of time her grades improved and so did her attitude and outlook. We can say with confidence now she has been restored to good health, and are very grateful to the Doc, and his team!”

Mark Shrager

Settlers Cabin, PA

Gus Frerotte

Former NFL QB

I began seeing Dr. Simkovich after experiencing concussion-like symptoms following a minor car accident last winter. I experienced a significant improvement in acute symptoms after just a couple of treatment sessions. As treatment continued, I also saw improvements in cognitive function, memory, and concentration, all of which had clearly been affected by previous concussions. Cranial movement therapy significantly improved my quality of life and Dr. Simkovich continues to be my top recommendation to those suffering from TBI in the Pittsburgh area.

Antonio Caligiuri

Certified Health Coach - Bishop, CA

“I suffered a concussion a couple of years ago from a student who hit me in the head with a bass drum mallet. I had memory issues and constant dizziness along with pressure and fullness in the head. I saw Dr. Simkovich and I am amazed at how awesome I feel after just a week of treatments. He really cares about his patients and their well-being. The whole staff is very friendly and I plan on telling everyone I know this is the place to go for treatment. I was having balance, memory, and focus issues after I suffered a concussion. I feel like a new person now after Dr. Simkovich’s concussion therapy. I can remember things now and I am back to being a musician again. He changed my life.”

Bob Cieslinksi

Leechburg, PA

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Simkovich for along time now. I didn’t know why I felt the way I did until my first exam when he explained what was going on, I felt like I finally had some understanding of years of suffering. The girls in the office are great and even with a full waiting room, it doesn’t take too long to be seen. My husband is in his care also now and we are both feeling so much better. Dr. Simkovich is always great with my 3 year old who has to tag along! He’s one of the most compassionate specialists I’ve ever seen.”

Jessica Startari

Pittsburgh, PA

“Dr. Simkovich did cranial manipulation on my daughter 10 years ago when she presented with Craniosynostosis and was due for surgery. Not only was surgery avoided, but her skull grew into the correct shape and we have had no issues since the corrections. Highly recommend!”

Lorie Soliwoda-Trunong

from Coraopolis, PA.

“His treatment really works! Great improvement after my first visit ! His treatment works highly recommend Dr Simkovich ?.”

Vicky Rajnovic

Pittsburgh, PA

“This process changed my life. After suffering numerous concussions in high school, I experienced tremors in my arms and legs, extreme headaches, blurred vision and black outs. I had the symptoms for years, and I was told it was just something I would have to live with until I was referred to Dr. Simkovich. After one week of treatment I had almost no symptoms. My grades in grad school went up an entire letter grade and I was able to return to working out and driving without the fear that I would have another black out. I am SO thankful that a doctor like this exists so close to home. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”

Alanna Haefner

Pittsburgh, PA

Seth Dresbold

Pittsburgh, PA

“I have had exceptional care. I am cared for with respect and consideration. The treatment always helps any symptoms he is treating. I would and do recommend him to all my friends, family and strangers.”

Anita Morse

McHenry, IL

Dr. Simkovich is truly amazing! He has worked wonders for me and my health needs. I thank you!!! Dr. Grabski

Dr. Beverly Grabski

Industry, PA

“Best concussion Doctor around.”

Traci Trent

Grove City, OH

“Last May, I fainted in church and hit my head. This resulted in a concussion.Without delay, I went to be treated by Dr. Simkovich. I made a complete recovery which I would not have done without his care. He is simply the best.”

Ruth Butler

Pittsburgh, PA

“Highly recommended !!!”

Father George Livanos

Washington, PA

“This was the only treatment that helped me with my concussion and migraines… I am thankful and highly recommend Simkovich Concussion Institute.”

Jay Nodianos

Beaver Falls, PA

“I’ve been dealing with a concussion since 2012. I’ve tried doctors, concussion clinic, vestibular therapy, neurologists, medication, herbs and vitamins, acupuncture, NUCCA chiropractic ( helped ). By far the most help I’ve received has been from Dr. Simkovich and Cranial Movement Therapy. I got my first treatments in July. I was so nervous to try this because of all the failed treatments I’ve had. I am so glad I did it! I am no longer dizzy. At all. I don’t have to take breaks throughout the day and rest so much. Anxiety is lessening. I am able to go out at night and not feel horrible and have to rest for days. Less headaches. Just amazing. I have another treatment next week. I’m so thankful.”

Susan Ritzheimer Kelly

Pittsburgh, PA

“After two years of residual concussion symptoms (headaches, difficulty remembering, mood difficulties, etc.), Dr. Simkovich made me myself again. He is caring, patient, knowledgeable, and excellent at what he does. I am very grateful for the treatment I received at Simkovich Concussion Institute – It works!!”

Chloe Amouyal

Newton, MA

“My treatments have made an enormous difference and dramatically improved my symptoms.”

Kevin Lajeunesse


"The best ever. Dr. Simkovich is the best at what he does"

Rudy Reyes


"My husband came to Dr. Simkovich as a last ditch effort for some answers to relief from constant headaches and dizziness spells. We were blown away when in moments the doc knew exactly what the problem was. After treatment my husband is a completely new man and I am starting treatment for severe migraines. My husband calls Dr Simkovich "The Hand Of God". So we say Praise you Dr. Simkovich and the amazing work you continue to do."

Tammy Lentz


"By the Grace of God we found Dr. Simkovich! For several months, my son was experiencing hundreds of focal partial seizures and multiple grand mal seizures. Three overnight visits to the hospital...three different medicines...nothing was working. After 4 two-hour sessions with Dr. Simkovich we saw a noticeable difference. The focal partial seizures were cut in half in the first week! By the end of the month, all seizures stopped! Four months later my son is seizure free and off all medicine! Back to being a normal 11 year old boy - playing sports, swimming, and riding a bike which is something we were not sure he would or could ever do again. Dr. Simkovich applied his 35 years of expertise, vast knowledge & gave us back our son! We are forever grateful & cannot thank him enough!"

Lisa Sydeski


"Very kind and thoughtful Doctor. Made me see that I need treatment and I am grateful for that. Thank you for having your institute available for the community."

Nicole Wallace

Greensburg, PA

“5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

Robert Strickland

Pittsburgh, PA

“Dr. Simkovich is very personable and the staff is super friendly. They treat us like family. Happy to have found the Concussion Institute. They came highly recommended after my son’s concussion.”

Laurie Bell


“5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

Patty Giese


“I have suffered from concussion symptoms after having two whiplash injuries, causing multiple symptoms including severe head and neck pain, dizziness, and memory problems. I had trouble spelling words and often couldn’t remember my phone number and address. A friend of mine told me that I should see Dr. Charles Simkovich. After trying other treatments without any success, I thought I would see Dr. Simkovich. Now my mind feels clearer and I am able to remember simple things that I used to take for granted.”

Cindy Taylor

Pittsburgh, PA

“My experience with Dr. Simkovich has been nothing short of miraculous. He is a consummate professional and expert in his field. He forewarned every side effect and feeling of irregularity throughout the cranial movement therapy procedure. From the moment I met him, he conveyed confidence in his procedure and the science that backed it. His confidence was well warranted since the results I’ve experienced have predictably changed my life for the better. Thank you to Dr. Simkovich for fostering a culture of healing and welcomeness. His procedure has delivered me from chronic, debilitating headaches and blessed me beyond compare.”

Blake Bassett

New Brownfels, TX

“5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

Robert Smurphat


“First off, thank you for everything you do! Your institute is truly amazing and we are so thankful to live in this area to receive your treatment in the future if there is ever a head injury. My husband and I both went through the treatment process and it has changed so many of our symptoms from repeated mini concussions over the years. We now take our 10-month-old baby and I trust Dr. Simkovich so much with our son. We took him in around 5 months because he was falling and hitting his head A LOT. We started to notice him not mile as much or try and baby talk. We took him in and within the first treatment, our son’s smile and laughter came back! I will always bring my family for treatment from here on out :)”

Lana Antis

Robinson, PA

“5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

Michael Stritzinger

Burgettstown, PA

“What Do You Have to Lose?” That is what a patient of Dr. Simkovich’s posed to me. A fall down the stairs two and a half years ago left me with debilitating symptoms, no answers, or a path forward (even from known institutions like Johns Hopkins) so what did I have to lose? Like so many people who are suffering like this, what you once recognized as “normal” seems like a distant memory. There is hope! Dr. Simkovich and his approach to healing you are unique and make sense. He was encouraging from the first time we spoke on the phone and during my treatment. He is truly one of a kind and his hands-on approach, literally, started me on the path to restoring my health. This gave me the ability to step back into my life and do things with my husband, family, but most importantly spend more time with my precious granddaughter. His exceptional staff is also warm and friendly. I will always be grateful for hearing about Dr. Simkovich and I will always be thankful for all he has done. I would highly recommend Dr. Simkovich. I now ask you “what do you have to lose”?

Diane Arnold

Lancaster, PA

“My son Brayden had 2 concussions less than a month apart. We were referred to Dr. Simkovich after our son had many lingering issues from his concussions. The treatment and service are outstanding! Dr. Simkovich and his staff are wonderful. I finally had the courage to ask Dr. Simkovich to exam me. I had a bicycle accident in February of 2017 that left me in the hospital for 6 weeks. Part of my issue was a severe concussion and bleeding on the brain. Even after 4 years, Dr. Simkovich was able to treat me. I am very grateful!”

Bruce Miner

Belmont, OH

"Dr. Simkovich has helped me recover from concussions multiple times. From minor to severe head trauma his treatments are the only way to recover from concussions. He is a really nice guy and taught me a lot about how the brain and body work. My symptoms of headache and fogginess were immediately relieved after the treatments. His practice is the only place that will help you recover from a concussion because he treats the source. I can't thank Dr. Simkovich enough!"

Daniel Christenson

Bethel Park, PA

"When you see a change after a concussion, you begin to think it is a new normal. Depression, tiredness, lack of focus, and anxiety had become a part of life. After almost a year, I took my daughter to Dr. Simkovich and within a week, she started to return to her normal, happy self. She is awake, alert and has returned to activities. I could not be happier with our results!!!"

Jennifer Dumm

Nicktown, PA

I used to get tired after reading just one paragraph. My ability to concentrate was awful. Thanks to Dr. Simkovich’s treatment, I can now read several chapters without a problem.

Don Luce

Professional NHL Player 1968-1982